2018 Platform

Council has positioned our community for appropriate growth by making the right connections and fostering the right relationships.

   We've made investments toward economic growth, and we can't stop now. We've invested in infrastructure in order to have development ready land and have launched an entrepreneurial attraction campaign. We're working with local industry, small business and local entrepreneurs to leverage success, secure jobs, re-purpose space and support the new economy. We're not done yet.

Council will ensure our community remains our home, by fostering a sense of place, lifestyle and by celebrating the culture of Owen Sound.

   We've built parks, revitalized facilities and trails, and have a river precinct plan to ensure our City exceeds resident and visitor expectations. We're working toward affordable housing and in partnership with Grey County we recognize the work to be done in social services. We support our culture, celebrate our past and are looking to the future. We're not done yet.

Council will continue to seek public/private partnerships, and build relationships with stakeholders including our neighbouring municipalities.

   We've streamlined the planning process for development, waived residential development charges and are positioning our community as 'investment ready'. We've put pipes in the ground, started to tell our story outside of the region, and are attracting world class employers. We're proud of where we live and we're ready to invite others to join us. There is power in partnership and collaboration - we're looking forward to finding efficiencies and celebrating our success. We're not done yet.

Council will continue to explore cost savings opportunities, and find financial efficiencies for our City.

   We've worked hard to ensure tax payer money is fully utilized. We've leveraged grants, found efficiency in the operations of our City and have explored costing options. We will research and review opportunities to regionalize service and will make an informed decision on how to best spend tax payers money. We're not done yet.